May 23, 2010


The woofies just left! Phew!
My humans said they were 'petsitting.' Stupid woofies. What kind of animal needs to be looked after, when their humans go out? Cats dont.
I am hoping this 'pet sitting' thing doesnt become a regular occurance, I refuse to share my humans!


  1. Ick. You should come stay with us next time the humans pull a stunt like that!

  2. What were your humans thinking?...We hope you set them straight!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Good riddance! Now you'll have to sniff all over, and make sure they are truly gone. What a lot of work the Humans (and woofies) have made for you. Maybe you had better nap, instead!

  4. We're glad those woofies are gone! We have a woofie sisfur but we still rule the roost here and certainly don't want any more woofies in OUR house!

  5. Woofies are silly! We have a sisfur named Dixie Dog and she thinks she's a cat!


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