June 22, 2010

technical problems!

To everyone,

Our camera gets fixed and our computor crashes! huge technical problems!!!

i am at home right now, it is my humans typing for me at an internet cafe! I hope she types what i wanted to say! Okay, so sadly i can’t do the location shoot as i can’t get into my Facebook or Twitter. (I want to claw my computers cords to shreds but that would not help… so i will resist.) Hopefully the computer gets fixed sometime this week!!!

-Soxy via her human

(slave is a more accurate description!)

June 18, 2010


Our camera got fixed! just in time too!

I have been practising my poses ALL day!!! For the Second Top Cat Model Challenge! I took a few test shots as soon as our camera got back!IMG_0003 IMG_0007 IMG_0001 IMG_0006

I think the first fence one is a little too dramatic….


June 17, 2010

Scary Eyes and a Random Beam of Light!


I have scary eyes!

This is an old picture, because the camera is getting fixed… But its pretty cool!

June 16, 2010


On Sunday it rains and on Wetnesday It is sunny ?

Very strange…

I would love to take so pictures, but my humans camera died! We think we need to take it to, a camera- hospital!


June 15, 2010

10 things every cat should do before they turn 7!

1) Master the art of Curtain Climbing!

2) Train your Human.

3) Go Crazy on Nip !  ! (at least once)

4) Befriend another Kitty

5) Have a week long siesta!

6) Get Fixed. (It seems stupid and painful at the time but its worth it)

7) Play with a Laser Pointer!

8) Catch and Kill something. (Anything. A glove. A bird. A ZhuZhu…)

9) Play in a Cardboard Box!

10) Learn how to get what you want, when you want it!



June 14, 2010

Patsy’s Puuurthday!

Its a month to my sister, Patsy’s puurrthday! Its her 77th birthday!!!!

(Or 15th if your a human!)  She was born on the 16th of July 1995.

We are having a Party for her next month, just letting you all know now so you can add it to your busy schedules!


PS. Don’t worry about Patsy looking on my blog and reading this, She’s computer-challenged!


June 13, 2010

Sunday? More Like Rainday.

Its so rainy here today. I hate rain, always have, always will…

IMG_0168Me. Watching the rain. (you can’t really see it in the photo…


Maybe a holiday somewhere warm…


June 12, 2010

Human Top Model

Cat Top Model, I watched the human  version and those humans need to eat something! Imagine, how bony they would be if you sat on them for some cuddles! AND imagine how hungry they would be! I bet they wouldn’t share their ice-cream…. Their poor kitties!

I’d NEVER starve myself like they do! EVER!


June 11, 2010

June 09, 2010

Sorry, I didn't blog yesterday, I spent the whole day hiding! I was away all day and I only came back because I was STARVING! I didn't go to the vet though! But...........

 Neither did Patsy, turns out my human was talking about 'the last time we went to the vet'. I think she is lying just in case i run off again.....

Oh well, In brighter happier news our Fish TV is getting installed next week!  I'm so excited, me and Patsy cant wait!

June 07, 2010


Can I move in with some one for a while!? I just heard the word ‘vet’ whilst my human was gesturing at me and patsy. I hate the vet. Patsy is weird, She doesn’t mind going to the vet anymore. Crazy old Kitty. I have a lot of bad experiences with vets. When I was younger I got hit by a car! It was horrible. I fractured my pelvis and had to go to the vet to get fixed up. It was the worst four days of my life.  So can I run away and stay with someone until my human forgets about the vet?

June 05, 2010


Humans have completely and utterly betrayed me. I just saw a fish tank in my humans bedroom. Fish. They are getting fish.

Me and Patsy protested. IMGA0099

We sat on the table all day! But the fish tank hasn't moved…

Patsy , who has known our humans for her whole life says to ‘be optimistic’

So I think at least if we have to live with fish they will make good watching.

June 04, 2010

Formally Feral Friday Starring. . .

Yep, you guessed it! Yours truely was once a feral kitty. Back when i was a wee kitty, but i saw the benefits of owning humans and had to adopt my own! So i used by cute charm and wooed a human into adopting me. And now 6 years later, i am to  become New Zealands Next Top Cat Model


i am tired.. going to go practise my sleeping.

Check out my TopCatModel Page ----------->>>>>>>

June 03, 2010


People my dream of being a model is finally possible! I am entering New Zealands Next Top Cat Model!!!  I can see it already my face on the cover of my FAVOURITE magazine (Pet) , the competition will be fierce, but i will win. I know it, this is what i was born for.

You just wait…

Oh, the other good thing about it is that i get to donate my entry fee to a charity, which is important. All the huge celebrities do it.


Here are some more pictures celebrating my gorgeousness….

IMGA0100 IMGA0104 SDC10121

sleeping places.

i love sleeping. I'm gonna go pro at it. i think, but i still wanna be a model. -Soxy

IMG_0062  IMG_0055