May 23, 2010

Be On HIgh Alert!

I had a huuuge shock last night, i got home after my daily strolls around our street and as i was coming in through the door, i inhaled to get all the nice home smells, BUT instead i smelled a woofie! Then I walked inside and there were not one, but TWO woofies! In MY house. It got worse. When I hissed to tell my human there were intruders,she got up and i thought she was going to kick them out, BUT SHE PATTED THEM! Those pats are reserved for ME! (and sometimes Patsy) I was outraged, so here's a picture of them, in case they come into YOUR house!
Cats, lets all be on high alert!!!


  1. Uh oh... they are pretty cute, and humans can be swayed by the cute.... are they staying?

  2. Holy Cats! Is the world coming to an end? This is hugely unfair to you, you need your pats. What happened next?

  3. They are adorable woofies!...Are they moving in or just visiting, Soxy?...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki


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