April 30, 2010

Okay! Spastica is going to write once a week from now on! Although Im a lot more interesting (duh!) I hope you guys will enjoy his posts!!!

April 29, 2010

Im Spastica! I was named that because apparently I am a wittle bit cwazy, when i gets excited. . .
I spend mosts of my times in my cage outside, so im vewy excited to be allowed inside to write this! I love to go on walks on my leash , but sometimes there are mean cats around ,so i gots to be vewy vewy careful. Soxy is a vewy nice cat, even though she likes to sit on top of my cage and watch me lots. I loveSoxy! I also love my human. She plays wif me lots and gives me treats and twoys!
Okay thats all Soxy says im allowed. . .

If you want him to write more tell me in the comments below. . . -Soxy

This is my humans hoppy-creature. His name is Spastica. He really wants to write a blog, so I am going to let him write and if anyone was to like it -which you probably wont because he is a hoppy-creature, not a amazingandgorgeous cat like me-He might start writing regularly.  -Soxy
Today my human brought a Pet magazine! She is so well trained, learning all about us! ! !


April 28, 2010

This is my big sister/bestbuddy. Her name is Patsy and she is double my age! (even older than my human!!!) She is 15 and my human is 14!
I just wanna tell you all how much I love her! ! !
Spent all of today sitting on top the hoppy-creatures cage . My humans call him a rabbit. . .

April 27, 2010

This is why cats scratch people
(not that i recommend scratching your human family and friends) This poor kitty!

I LOVE sitting on the table! As a queen it gives me the best view of my kingdom!

My mummy doesnt like it though. . . She always tells me to get off, like she thinks she has some kind of power over me. As If! It was us cat's ancestors, who were gods, not theirs!

April 26, 2010

I have a feeling someone is watching me. . .
Yay! I just got leftovers from humans food. They should share more often . . .
Its raining outside. I hate rain, cold wet water falling from the sky. . .  Actually I hate all forms of water unless it in a bowl. It makes me think back to when I was younger and I got really dirty and my humans decided to Give me a bath. I could have cleaned myself perfectly fine , but for some crazy reason they gave me a bath. Humans! Sometime I wish I could tell what they were thinking. .

Miaow for now.

Queen of Gorgeousness

April 24, 2010

Ugh. Humans were out of the house today and they left me outside all day! I know, horrible and it rained.Now I'm wet. Wet.
Miaow for now,
Queen of Gorgeousness

April 23, 2010

Tonight I managed to sneak some ice-cream, one of the younger human-beans left their plate unattended and i got a taste. So delicious. . . The only thing i love more than myself, is my food . . .
Speaking of food I am going to go and beg humans for some yummmilicious cat chow. . .

Miaow for now,
Queen of Gorgeousness
Finally! The humans sure took their time making this blog. I think it is totally unfair that i had to wait. I am a Cat. Cats don't wait. When we want something we want it now. That is where my humans fail me. Sigh. . .  My name is Soxy, when i was younger it was Socks, but that is a totally lame and overused name, so i got it changed. I am a girl, if you could see me you could, so tell that! I love human food, especially ice-cream, but my humans have a spaz if i try and steal it. . . Stupid Humans. . .

Okay Miaow for now

Queen of Gorgeousness.