November 26, 2010

Why I heart Boxes....

Boxes are a cats best friend. Here are the reasons I love boxes!!!
They are pawsome for hiding in, (and then jumping out to attack whatever walks by)

They are great for sleeping in.

They make cool photo opportunities! Humans love a cat in a box.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes

Sometimes they come gift wrapped. (And you get to tear all the paper off before you climb in. Humans love when you do this!(Humans also love you emptying the contents all across the floor, before you climb in!))

They make great ships for all the pirate kittys out there.

They make great racecars as well.

They make fangtastic castles, for all the king/queen/prince/princess kitties!!



  1. Soxy, we never met a box we didn't like!!

  2. Soxy, you are 100% correct. We have to play with ALL boxes that come into the house, since they are, after all, for US!

  3. Boxes are the best! The only thing that ever belongs inside a box is a kitty.

  4. Those are great reasons to love boxes. Looks like your box is extra fun!


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