November 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas.....

Bubble maker - Bubble Buddy Dog and Bubble Kitty

Happy Cat Activity Centre CatNip Scented Bubble Machine.

Cool Pink Scratching post with lots of things to attack.
Bliss IT Leather Mice 6pk
Leather Mousie. (much more durable than those cotton ones, I hope anyways)

Catit Massage Centre
Cat Massage Center. (Patsy especially wants this.)

Snugglepuss Kitten Bed Pink
SnugglePuss Bed

It only costs $166.15, I'm sure my humans can manage that... I'm worth it!



  1. We're sure they're digging for change in the sofa right now! MOL!

  2. I vote for the leather mousie! Love me some mousies!!!

    No pink for me cuz I am a boy! :)

    Love, Cody

  3. Oh yeah, you should have all that stuff...small price to pay for your happiness, Soxy!

  4. A nip scented bubble machine? Wow! We've never seen anything like that. We'll have to make OUR list now too!


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