November 14, 2010

November is Senior Pets month! So I have to be extra nice to Patsy this month. Because she is a senior...

And a pet.
So in honour of Patsy and her oldness, I have got her to tell me all about her life, buut fifteen years is a loong time... so I just chose my favourite bit..
Around the start of 1996, when Patsy was a kitten. Our humans told her and her sister, Eddie that they were moving from Wellington, her birthplace, to Auckland. But at the airport. (A HORRIBLE place.) they got on  a different plane to their humans, and ended up in Palmerston North!! Patsy told me about how scary it was, but I couldn't help MOLing for a bit.
How many of you kitties have been on Planes?
-Soxy- Queen of Gorgeousness


  1. we has never been on a purlane but our cousin Miss Kitty is also a senior so we'll be honoring her, PURRS2U!!

  2. Hi ya, Soxy!! We've never been on a plane...but we bet it would be pretty exciting!!

  3. I have been on a plane! fron Chicago to Las Vegas, in the cabin. I was very good and didn't meow...much.
    xx The Baby


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