September 02, 2010

New Friend Kitty!

I found a new friend kitty today! My human had just shoved me out the door. And there was another kitty, on my porch sheltering from the -ugh, rain. (That's how mean my human is..)

I don't think she is used to cameras! She looks quite confuzzled.



  1. Your human shoved you out in the RAIN? And there was another kitty there who ALSO got shoved out in the rain?! SO not cool.

  2. Okay, we have to agree with Sparkle! You were forced out into the rain? How awful! And what of this poor new kitty? Does s/he have a home? Why is that sweetie out in the rain?

    Well, you'll just have to get extra treats to make up for all of this!

  3. We are sorry you were shoved out in the rain, sweet Soxy; but, your new friend is adorable...Hope your human makes it up to you!!...kisses, beautiful girl...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Hi Soxy!! We are very pleased to meet you!! So sorry your got wet!! Did yu get the new kitties name by any chance!!
    Your TX furiends,

  5. Hi Soxy, it's time you got those humans of yours trained up properly. Shoving you out in the rain is just so rude. I hope you didn't get too wet and got some treats as compensation when you came back in.

    You have to rule them with a paw of iron, it's the only way ;)

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. It sure does sound like you need to get started training your hoooomans. That is terrible that they shoved you out into the rain with a stranger. The stranger is quite handsome but still. Hope you got back in all right.
    Have a great day.

  7. How dare they shove you out in the rain. You should poop in a shoe or hairball on the rug, seriously.

    What a handsome stranger. Will you become friends?

  8. What? Your human put you outside when it was raining? Really? At least you got to meet a new friend...

  9. Sometimes it rains cats and dogs....just be glad she didn't find a dog! Will the new kitty be staying for dinner?


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