September 03, 2010

11 weird things about humans

Every single kitty will realise at some point in one of our nine lives, that humans are weird. They are  not like us felines who are completely normal and not at all weird.

11. They have no paws.. Instead they have ‘hands.’ Hands are weird.

10. They green things all the time, yet show no interest in cat nip.

9. They ‘like’ water and take baths without complaint. Seriously?!

8. They invented a phrase' ‘Scaredy Cat’ Whats up with that??Cats are fearless!

7. They don’t hiss at dogs.

6. They completely fail at climbing. (If you want to see this in action, climb on to a roof/high tree, and act like you are stuck. Watch them attempt to ‘save’ you.)

5. They don’t lick themselves.

4. Or each other.

3. They show zero interest in dead mice. Note; These make bad human presents.

2. They give us collars. With Bells.

1. They are forever telling me to ‘Get off the bench.’/’Your in my seat! Out!!’/’Your not allowed in the washing basket’/’Soxy! Off the Keyboard!’ Its not like they own me. Weirdos.


  1. Great post, Soxy; we loved Inigo and Rumbles comment :)...Hope you have a fun, happy weekend, sweetie...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. All this is the reason why they give us food - they are afraid we wouldn't stick around otherwise!

  3. MOL! We have noticed these things too.

  4. They like clean bedding, too. We prefer it all fuzzed and furred up. We agree. Humans are weird. Your list is excellent proof.

  5. Hi Soxy! We love your list it is so true - humans are super weird!!

    And we just heard that there was a big earthquake out there - we hope you are all ok and are sending over lots of purrs for you!


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