June 22, 2010

technical problems!

To everyone,

Our camera gets fixed and our computor crashes! huge technical problems!!!

i am at home right now, it is my humans typing for me at an internet cafe! I hope she types what i wanted to say! Okay, so sadly i can’t do the location shoot as i can’t get into my Facebook or Twitter. (I want to claw my computers cords to shreds but that would not help… so i will resist.) Hopefully the computer gets fixed sometime this week!!!

-Soxy via her human

(slave is a more accurate description!)


  1. Ackk! We hope the computer problems get sorted out ASAP! Good luck!

  2. We hope everything gets sorted soon xxx

  3. Good luck fixing the computer, it's a real pain, very frustrating!...Have a great week Soxy and Patsy and Spastica...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. oh gosh, isn't it always the way!

  5. Oh no that is terrible! We hoep things get fixed up for you quickly! We wondered why we didn't see you in the location shoot voting (we are so far behind). We know it would have been a great picture too - becaus eyou are so adorable!

  6. Oh no! We hope everything gets fixed soon. Hope you have a nice weekend...


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