June 16, 2010


On Sunday it rains and on Wetnesday It is sunny ?

Very strange…

I would love to take so pictures, but my humans camera died! We think we need to take it to, a camera- hospital!



  1. It's been raining what seems for days now. We sympathize about the camera, our new one only takes 4 picutes on every set of new batteries. It needs a hospital too!

  2. We're sorry to hear about the camera. We hope it feels better soon so we can see some pictures of you!

  3. Soxy,
    How will we survive without your beauty...call the camera medics ASAP!

  4. We hope it gets fixed soon so we can see your pretty face soon...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. That is very strange! we hope the camera gets fixed soon!


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