April 26, 2011

Newest Fishie

Remember how my humans got Fishies last year? 
This is their newest one, Doesn't he look delicious?

Anyone worked out how to remove fish tank lids?

Love Soxy


  1. knock over the whole tank! MOL lid will come off and out comes fishy and fishy can't run so he right there for the nomming!
    hope u r well while our hoomin is on a mostly innernet free break. she letting us on briefly to say hi but we hope she let us back on fully by next week. not sure though.

  2. I didn't know you last year so I don't remember. That is a beautiful fishie...I love how transparent the (fins?) are...what kind of fishie is that?

  3. He is a Siamese Fighting Fish, but I think I could take him on!!?

  4. He does look really tasty, Soxy! Good luck with that lid!

  5. We have never had fish in our house other than on our plates. We now see we have been cruelly deprived!

  6. My human had aquatic frogs for a few years and none of us could ever figure out how to break into that tank!


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