March 27, 2011

25 things about me

  1. I am Grey.
  2. I was born in the 'wild'
  3. I have a blog
  4. I heart boxes.
  5. I live with a gorgeous kitty called Patsy
  6. On the weekend I spend my time devising plans for getting into the fish tank
  7. I used to live on a farm
  8. I got fixed when I was four years old.
  9. My name was originally Socks, but I changed it because I liked Soxy better.
  10. I have green eyes.
  11. Once I got hit by a car
  12. ...and fractured my pelvis.
  13. I don't know my real puurthday. 
  14. ...I decided to celebrate my purrthday on April 24th
  15. I have been on a plane
  16. I hate cat cages
  17. I also, hate collars.
  18. I love sleeping on tables
  19. ...and in washing baskets
  20. ...and in bread bins
  21. ...and in dryers
  22. ...and of course in boxes!
  23. My favourite magazine is 'Pet'
  24. I made this blog the day before my puurthday last year (April 23rd)
  25. I am a cat!
Love Soxy


  1. Soxy, thanks for sharing all those things about you! We had no idea you'd been hit by a car and had fractured your pelvis. Very scary. You were lucky to survive! We bet you prefer to stay indoors now, or not wander too far!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. Fangs fur sharings fings about you!! PURRS!!! We heart boxes too =^_^=
    Luna & Zulu

  3. We enjoyed learning more about you, Soxy! We like your name as Soxy better too!! And we didn't know you got hit by a car! We're glad you are okay!!

  4. That was fun, Soxy! Thank you for sharing all of those things about yourself! :)


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