December 12, 2010

Sunday Drama!!

So I was out relaxing in my garden, being gorgeous and then..

I heard a noise..

And then, I saw him...

Yeah, there was a random kitty in my garden!!

My human stopped us fighting, so instead I stared him down, with my evilest glare




 And then he fell asleep!!

 but I kept staring..

 and FINALLY he left

So thats a bit of sunday drama for you!!


  1. Soxy, I could totally tell you had him intimidated! I know that if your human hadn't gotten in the way, you would have chased him off! I hope he does not think you are some pushover.

  2. Ohhhhh that evil stare would have scared me off!!!

    He has a collar and looks like he is somebody's you think that maybe he just wanted to come over and introduce himself and be your friend?

  3. Well, WE think you frightened him so much he passed out a little! No Way he was napping.
    Whew, that was too much excitement for one day.

  4. The mystery kitty was giving some major airplane ears! You musta really skeered him!

  5. Soxy
    That is drama!


  6. well Soxy, i does not know WHY he was not frightened right away. some mancats is just rude, as i has learned through some personal experience wif a window.

  7. Wow, that was some serious drama, Soxy! We are glad you didn't have to tussle with that cat. Good job on the stare down!


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