August 07, 2010

yaaaaay!!! My humans just got back from holiday!!!

yaay! My humans are back! The neighbour lady is nice, but i am soo happy to see my humans! Now I can go on the interwebs again!!
First, thing I did when I got back online was check the NZ Next Top Cat Model results! Im happy to see that my two favourites, Rumblepurr and Sooty are 2nd and 3rd!!
Go them!!
Then, I went running watch some fish TV! I've missed that!
Such a shame the tank has a lid...



  1. Hi Soxy - it is great that your people are home! And oh, the top model cat competition - be glad you haven't seen it because it is so nail biting - first sooty is winning, then rumbles, then sooty, then rumbles, then cruz makes a sudden jump - so stressful!

    And by the way, we still think you were robbed by not making the finals - we think you are such a super cutie!

  2. Hurrah your people are home! It's just not the same with them gone, is it? Now you have someone to wake up at 3 AM when you get hungry...

  3. Arrrgh! that comment was from US! Mommy, get your act together, please...

  4. We are glad to see you, Soxy, we missed you!...That is a cool fish tank; it's impressive you have Fish TV at your house!...Happy weekend beautiful friend...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Hi Soxy, it's great to see you again! We're glad your humans are back...and definitely agree it's too bad that fish tank has a lid! :-)

  6. So happy to see you back my dear!! Yes, it has been very harrowing - we can't wait to see the results!!

  7. isn't it just the best when your bean gets back? :)


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