July 18, 2010

Top Cat Model Finalists...

I was looking at the Top Cat Model finalists, deciding who to vote for and i couldn't decide!!
I ended up voting for Rumblepurr, because he had donated to me, so i felt I had to return the favour.
Then my human voted for Sooty, because he is from our home town. (Invercargill!)
I wish all the finalist good luck, and i look forward to seeing the winner in Pet!
I have decided that next year is for me! 
No eye liner used in the making of this photo!


  1. Soxy,
    You are a winner in our eyes! There is a certain ManCat here who thinks you are TOPS! hee hee, he's kinda shy...

  2. You are always a winner to us, gorgeous Soxy...Have a fun day sweet friend...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Aww, thank you for your vote my dear, and you KNOW we both think you're so lovely!!

  4. guess you don't need eyeliners, SexySoxy! you are so beautyful just as you is.


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