April 29, 2010

Im Spastica! I was named that because apparently I am a wittle bit cwazy, when i gets excited. . .
I spend mosts of my times in my cage outside, so im vewy excited to be allowed inside to write this! I love to go on walks on my leash , but sometimes there are mean cats around ,so i gots to be vewy vewy careful. Soxy is a vewy nice cat, even though she likes to sit on top of my cage and watch me lots. I loveSoxy! I also love my human. She plays wif me lots and gives me treats and twoys!
Okay thats all Soxy says im allowed. . .

If you want him to write more tell me in the comments below. . . -Soxy


  1. Hi Spastica! We think you're lucky that Soxy likes you so much, otherwise maybe she'd be sitting on your cage and eying you for a meal. MOL!

  2. um... is it tewwible dat i fink Spastica looks de-wish-us?
    ~Baby Audrey

  3. Spastica, it's very cool you go outside on a leash and you have kitty siblings=what a lucky bunny you are!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki


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