April 28, 2011

Terrible Weather on Thursday

Today has positively awful weather! Winter must be coming soon...
 Good thing I have a heater and a blanket and a human to snuggle.

Love Soxy

April 26, 2011

Newest Fishie

Remember how my humans got Fishies last year? 
This is their newest one, Doesn't he look delicious?

Anyone worked out how to remove fish tank lids?

Love Soxy

April 25, 2011


I didn't get to post on my actual birthday because I was too busy partying! 
 I feel so old; Practically a senior now... Of course, Like every good model I believe Age is only a number! (and not one I am willing to reveal...)

I didn't have a big party.. Just my humans and Patsy. I got treats, ribbons to play with, and a ball, but the bestest present was the box the humans put it all in!! (I love boxes!) It was a pretty chilled event.
Here are some of the pictures..

Love Soxy

April 04, 2011

April 03, 2011

Easy like Sunday

What are you doing this fine Sunday, Soxy?

Oh, I am just chilling out, being all gorgeous and stuff.
Like Usual.

March 29, 2011


Why is Tuesday so boring? Why can't it be more like Friday? Friday is a good day. On Fridays, my humans are in a good mood and share their food. Same goes for weekends. Tuesday is the day after Monday and before Wednesday, Tuesday is in between what are possibly two of the worst days of the week. And its bad weather. Well, today was. All windy and rainy. No one likes rain. Do you think maybe the humans could delete Tuesday? Or maybe make it good somehow? Like maybe making it into a holiday or something? That would be a good idea. I could be all 'Happy Tuesday!' Well, I wouldn't really 'say' it because I can't talk...But I would type it though and meow it? Yes. That would be good. 
Okay, thanks for listening to my little rant on the awful-ness of Tuesdays, you can continue with your lives now. 
Love Soxy

I don't like Tuesday.